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Virtually all diamonds contain identifying characteristics, a natural phenomena�
present in most diamonds called inclusions. These inclusions are nature's birthmarks
and under a microscope or magnifying loupe may be seen, many are also visible to the
naked eye. These identifying characteristics resemble tiny crystals, clouds, or feathers.

Inclusions are identified when a diamond is graded for clarity.

"Flawless" diamonds represented by "FL IF" are deemed the most beautiful,
the most rare, and the most valuable.

As more inclusions are present, the diamond may be graded as "VVS1 or VVS2" Representing "Very Very Slightly Included" 1 always superior to 2.

The type, size, and position of an inclusion as well as the number of inclusions must be
considered to determine a diamond's value. As position of the inclusion and the type
of the inclusion becomes more obvious the diamond may be graded as "SI1 or SI2" representing "Slightly Included".

Significant inclusions can interfere with the path of light that travels through a diamond,
diminishing its brilliance, and therefore its value. Inclusions that can be seen with the
naked eye are graded "I" representing the diamond in "Included".


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